Intro gift certificate – 15 min. Flight

800,00 kr.1.500,00 kr.

25 Minutes Gift Certificate contains:

  • 15 minutes’ flight
  • 10 minute theory before flight
  • Diploma

Have you always dreamed of trying to land a modern aircraft? The opportunity is here! The intro flight is a perfect gift for him or her who has everything! This is an experience for life that will be remembered.

The lesson lasts a total of 25 minutes of which 15 min is flight time. But there is plenty of time for you to come out with the experience of having flown almost to the moon and back again.

You are the captain!
Make your first landing with a large passagerjet on a sunny day, in snow or at night.

It is possible to have 1 person/observer in the cockpit – if you want to have more on the plane, you can buy extra seats.

Pilot Package: Select below if you would like to purchase the pilot package. Gift card, CenterAir t-shirt (specify the size in the Basket) and key ring included. The package will be provided on the Flight.

Choose between aircraft type: A320 or B737.

Before you can add the certificate to the basket, please select: