Experience gift certificate – 30 min. Flight

1.600,00 kr.2.800,00 kr.

50 minutes Gift Certificate contains:

  • 20 minutes briefing/debriefing
  • 30 minutes flight in simulator
  • Diploma

The Certificate allows you to reach out worldwide, but still plenty of time to land safely back in Roskilde with a fantastic experience.

As a starting point you will fly from CPH AIRPORT, where you get the opportunity to control a heavy jet, on full weight in different weather scenarios.

Try the adrenaline rush to challenge yourself with the pilot’s

craftsmanship and decision-making.

It is possible to have 1 person/observer in the cockpit – if you want to bring more than one person on the plane, you can buy extra seats.

Pilot Package: Select below if you would like to purchase the pilot package. Gift card, CenterAir t-shirt (specify the size in the Basket) and key ring included. The package will be provided on the Flight.

Choose between aircraft type: A320 or B737.

Before you can add the certificate to the basket, please select: