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No! It requires no kind of flight experience to try our simulators. Your trip will be composed by your level.

There is immediately no age limit to try our simulators, but our experience is that you must be able to understand a briefing. In addition, it is important that you can look out of the windshield and thus require a minimum height of 160cm.

The briefing will be adapted to you and your level as well as the trip.

Our simulators allow you to complete a group experience. The flight itself is a one on one with your instructor and your co-pilot if you have one with you. There is room for 2 pilots in the cockpit (a captain and a co-pilot). There is room for your passengers at the rear of the airplane.

Yes! There is room for you to bring one friend. Or you can buy extra seats for more passengers. The simulator can be flown alone or together with another person (2-pilot concept). If you would like to experience a 2-pilot concept that is usually used when flying a passenger plane, then you must be 2 persons. It’s also fun to have one to share the experience with! If you want to take more passengers on board, seats can be purchased.

A certificate is purchased on the website. Go to the “Fly with Us” menu item. Once the certificate is purchased, contact FunFlight to book a time. Please use our online booking.

Yes! Free parking spaces are just outside the simulator center.

Yes! When you purchase the certificate on this page, in the Comments box in the “basket”, please specify which name the certificate should be issued to.

A certificate is valid for 1 year from the date of issue, unless otherwise stated.

No! Funflight cannot exchange it for cash.

Yes! You always have 14 days right on online purchases.

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