We open the door to the cockpit

Welcome on board

funflight du er kaptajnen

Pilot for a day

  • You have the command
  • We offer the world’s most popular passenger aircraft
  • You are in the captain’s seat
  • You start and land the plane
  • Your friends can follow from the backseat
  • There is room for 2 “pilots” in the cockpit
  • It will be a unique experience
funflight firmaarrangement
Business Event
  • Custom package for your needs and budget
  • FunFlight gives you a unique experience
  • Give your staff/customers a lasting impression
  • Possibility for kick-off events
  • Possibility for product launches
  • Staff or team-building events etc.
  • Make an event that will be remembered

Pre Entry Rehearsal

  • For trained pilots
  • Preparing for Airline Assessment
  • Suitable for you who have not flown for some time
  • Get extra prepared for an Assessment.
  • Get through an assessment program by our talented team
  • B737 or A320 simulator

About FunFlight

Our mission

Do you dream of flying between the mountains of Insbruck yourself? or land in London City? Experience it right here!

As the door closes behind you, you will forget that you are in a flight simulator! With the graphics and sound as well as accurate rendition of flying, you will get the experience of that you are in charge of 200 passengers.

At FunFlight we are committed to giving everyone the opportunity to get an insight into the pilot’s everyday life and work. we open the cockpit for you!

We promise a flying start to an exciting experience!


Are you ready